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Humphrey Bogart Collection

Humphrey Bogart Collection

The Maltese Falcon:
One Magnificent Bird

Often cited as the first Film Noir, many cinema historians consider this the greatest detective movie ever made. Discover how the film's mean streets, dark yearnings and razor-edged cast became the prototype for all the detective thrillers that were to follow.

Humphrey Bogart:
The Signature Collection, Vol. 2

The Free French 

A moving look at the ragtag group of French patriots - men and women - who became an underground army in World War II.

Call the Usual Suspects:
The Craft of the Character Actor

This documentary celebrates the art of the supporting player, while paying tribute to some of the giants of the field, including Peter Lorre, William Demarest, Jackie Gleason and Jane Darwell.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Directors and Producers from Hollywood's Golden Age

They may not be household names, but Lloyd Bacon, Vincent Sherman, William Keighley, Henry Blanke and Hal B. Wallis created some of Hollywood most enduring films.

Hollywood Helps the Cause

During the darkest days of World War II, Hollywood marshaled its artistic resources on behalf of the war effort, creating the enduring legacy of the American propaganda film.