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Godzilla: King of the Monsters


Godzilla 2.0

If a monster can be a superstar, this is the one. A 355-foot living mountain powered by atomic energy, Godzilla is a towering protector of the natural world, guarding the Earth from invasive species using his devastating atomic breath and thunderous roar. For generations, audiences have been thrilled to watch this greatest of all Titans rampage through cities and vanquish his rivals. Now, take a look at the newest version of one of cinema's greatest monsters.

Reimagining Rodan

With an 871-foot wingspan and the ability to accelerate to supersonic speeds, Rodan is a crimson red, fire-breathing destroyer. He is also a personal favorite of director Michael Dougherty, who felt that the blazing glory of Rodan’s ferocity had never been fully captured in previous films. Dougherty made it his mission to bring this Titan to the screen in all his malevolent, fiery magnificence.

Mothra: Queen of the Monsters

Mothra is an elegant, bioluminescent winged creature who emits a soothing musical hum. But don’t let her beauty fool you. Like Godzilla, she strives to protect the natural world, and like a mother protecting her young, she can be a lethal killer. Take a look at one of the greatest monsters in the Godzilla universe.

Creating Ghidorah

If any creature of the MonsterVerse can challenge Godzilla’s supremacy, it is the flying, three-headed serpent and God of the Air, King Ghidorah. Take a look at the newest version of one of Godzilla's greatest rivals.

The Isla de Mara Volcano

The Antarctic Base

A screeching battle cry echoes from a burning volcano as Rodan rises with smoldering wings to conquer the air. Discover how this sequence came to life, combining modern visual effects with traditional on-location filmmaking. For the panicked evacuation of Isla de Mona, the filmmakers shot in historic Mexico City, enlisting hundreds of locals to portray terrified villagers. It was a bit of old-school Hollywood moviemaking in an otherwise cutting-edge motion picture.

In Monarch’s Antarctic Base, a frozen fortress buffeted by screaming winds and surrounded by impenetrable ice, King Ghidorah shakes off his icy slumber and escapes in one of the film’s most thrilling sequences. Join the filmmakers as they reveal how King Ghidorah was brought to terrifying life inside Monarch’s underground biolab with its towering ice wall.

Monsters Are Real

Ghidorah: The Living Extinction Machine

Why does the fear of monsters resonate in every culture and civilization around the globe? Take a deep dive into the chilling world of our primal fears, a world where the myths and legends of history are not merely fairy tales, but proof of reality. Meet real-life cryptozoologists who make the search for living myths their life’s work. And learn how the fear of monsters became hard-wired into our psyches; despite thousands of years of civilization, nothing haunts our nightmares like a good monster myth.

Known to insiders by his codename, “Monster Zero,” this ancient destroyer traverses the skies wrapped in a supercell thunderstorm, vanquishing foes with golden gravity beams. When Godzilla faces off against this ultimate nemesis, the battle is truly epic.

Millie Bobby Brown: Force of Nature

While considerably smaller than her co-stars, Millie Bobby Brown is, like the Titans, a force of nature.