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Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind

Old South, New South

In this internationally acclaimed documentary, filmmaker Gary Leva uses Gone with the Wind as a prism through which to view the South’s anguished history, the causes and effects of the Civil War, and the legacy that slavery continues to exert on the region’s psyche.


'To produce something new for yet another "GWTW" box set, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brought in filmmaker and historian Gary Leva. "There's been a ton of stuff about the making of the film," Leva recalls the studio telling him. "Can you give us a deeper look at how the movie portrays the Civil War?"

'Leva responded with the 30-minute documentary "Old South/New South," which drew a surprisingly frank conclusion for a studio-commissioned commemorative project: One of the world's all-time great films also has great shortcomings.'

Atlanta Constitution-Journal:

'The Legend Lives On

'A smash hit when it first premiered in 1939, the power and popularity of Gone with the Wind lives on today. Discover the enduring legacy of one of the most beloved films of all time.'