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Hitchcock Collection

Pure Cinema:
Through the Eyes of Hitchcock

Legendary director Martin Scorsese is our guide into the power and mastery of Hitchcock's visual style, breaking down landmark sequences from VertigoThe Birds and Psycho.

North by Northwest:
One for the Ages

Five of today's top filmmakers - Curtis Hanson, William Friedkin, Guillermo del Toro, Francis Lawrence and Christopher McQuarrie - break down Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece in fascinating detail.

The Birds:
Hitchcock's Monster Movie

Alfred Hitchcock wrote the book on how to scare an audience. But when he made his monster movie, rather than choose a wolf man, a mummy or a great white shark as his monster, he chose seagulls, crows and sparrows. Only a cinema virtuoso like Hitch could have pulled it off.

The Sound of Hitchcock

Academy Award-winning sound designers reveal how Alfred Hitchcock employed sound design to make audience members leap from their seats in fright or crawl under them from excruciating suspense.

The Master's Touch:
Hitchcock's Signature Style

Spielbergian. Capraesque. In the history of cinema, only a handful of filmmakers have so defined a style as to merit adding a word to our vocabulary. Discover what makes a Hitchcock film Hitchcockian.

Saul Bass:
Title Champ

Directors Martin Scorsese, Guillermo del Toro and others pay tribute to Saul Bass, who revolutionized the art of movie titles.