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Now You See Me 2

Bringing Magic to Life

Go inside the magic to discover how The Horsemen’s thrilling feats were achieved, using cutting edge visual effects, breathtaking stunts and cinematic sleight of hand.  Director Jon M. Chu and the film’s high-tech “Magic Unit” reveal how they made rain go UP, turned humans into a game of Three Card Monty, and made flesh-and-blood Horsemen vanish into thin air.

You Can’t Look Away

Producer Bobby Cohen, director Jon M. Chu and their visual collaborators – cinematographer, production designer, costume designer – reveal the state-of-the-art cinematic and artistic techniques they employed to bring the sophisticated, dazzling look of NYSM2 to the screen, traveling from New York’s East Village to the glittering cityscapes of Macau to the historic streets of London.

The Art of the Ensemble

What’s it like to join a team of Super Bowl champions as the new guy?  That’s where new cast members Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan and Jay Chou found themselves as they joined Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in the follow-up to an international blockbuster.  Hear from the entire cast on the fine art of ensemble acting.

On-Set Diary

It may have been the most fun set ever.  From a group of A-list actors practicing their magic on each other between takes, to a young director betting Dave Franco he can't catch a card thrown by Woody Harrelson 15 times in a row (he can), to old pros Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman strutting their stuff to show the kids how it’s done, the making of NYSM2 was as much fun as the movie itself.  Join director Jon M. Chu, producer Bobby Cohen and their all-star cast in this extremely candid, all-access look at the making of a caper classic.